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FOX Business
Dec 4, 2013 3:00pm EST
standpoint as being relatively cheap environment. i do know from a historical standpoint they may not be the absolute cheapest, but it is still an attractive rate environment. i see this as a good time to think about strategic moves. liz: one more question about the stock market. i whip out to see the bubble pop? >> i have no idea. if you look at a lot of the transactions that have occurred, they have beenghtful, valuatione careful. we are in an environment look at the interest rate level and look at earnings, the market appears to in effect caught up with the earnings of the company. i can't really sit there and say there is a bubble or not, but my own view is it is still on pace. there is a huge desire for people to go ahead and be invested the cubbie companies ae buying back the stock, and that is an innovation of the value. liz: the tapering issue, is there a taper survival guide? at some point it has to end. we talk about there being a shot clock that has to run out. begin to scale back. >> the balance sheet is large given all the repurchases that have occurred. there is no s
FOX Business
Dec 2, 2013 3:00pm EST
-rate environment. it is hard. listen. it is hard to gain these markets. you know what i am saying? sometimes a start to go up. high-yield bond. when the markets are up sometimes that is reflected in junk bond prices as well. so i won't tell you a market player. the street is looking to cut. it looks like it is in this play. >> a ton. they take their bonuses and bynum by lamborghini. they pay so much a stock. you don't have the price component. that has an impact. david patterson, a pretty liberal governor of new york, i like him personally. the conversation. i am for the wall street bonuses . i want to be paid in cash. as a politician in new york a want to spend money here. >> they used to set up a pop-up harry winston down the store. those are the days. >> i like it. i'm looking in my face, and i like it. liz: it's not horrible. what an endorsement. not horrible. >> my these things i have a horrible voice. liz: you do not. now give you that. >> singing voice. that i haven't heard. closing bell ringing in 30 minutes. the company that says you any mail telling you 15 minutes before hot deals.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2